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ADM Engineering Ltd. helps you:
  • Lower Your Energy Costs
  • Optimize Space
  • Reduce Hassle
  • Avoid Downtime

From data centers to hospitals, we offer dedicated HVAC VFD's, motors and associated products. Our products ensure quality performance and dependability.

Water & Waste Water

We offer reliable VFD's, motors and associated products for Water and Waste Water cycle management systems. Our products come, with a variety of options allowing you to customize to your needs.

Power Quality

We provide active and passive power quality solutions, analysis as well as on-site measurements for all industries.


ADM offers start up, commissioning and repair services for all your HVAC and Water & Waste Water and Power Quality needs. Check out our Services page for more information.

ADM Centre of Competence
Power Quality and Electronics

ADM Engineering Ltd. specializes in Variable Frequency Drives, AC Motors, Power Quality, Flow and Energy Measurement Devices as well as other associated products specific to the HVAC and Water & Wastewater Markets. ADM proudly represents ABB Drives, ABB/Baldor Motors, Comsys Active Dynamic Filters, Mirus Passive Filters, ONICON Flow and Energy Solutions, and SineTamer Surge & Transient Protection Systems.

ADM continues to provide the most rapid and reliable service that reduces downtime and increases customer satisfaction by maintaining an expansive stock locally.

Empowering Energy Efficiency
for a Sustainable Future


ADM Engineering Ltd. provides packaged HVAC drives, motors, harmonic filters, Surge Protection Devices, Flow and Energy Measurement Products for a variety of sectors including, but not limited to:

Commercial buildings
Institutional buildings
Data centers

With dependable systems used even in the critical industries such as medical and data centers - where failure is not an option - ADM is a trusted distributor of HVAC drives and associated products.

Water & Wastewater

In a world where our most valuable resource is water, it's important to ensure that we both protect and maintain it. ADM Engineering Ltd. provides drives, motors, harmonic filters and associated products for the Water & Waste Water systems that not only protect and supply clean water, but also treat and recycle it - leaving you with an efficient and reliable water cycle management system. With equipment ranging from low to medium voltage, ADM’s Water & Wastewater custom solutions incorporate safety features and controls that meet the specific needs and application requirements of numerous municipalities across Ontario

With experience working on municipal projects, pumping stations and treatment plants, ADM Engineering Ltd. is a trusted distributor of Water & Waste Water systems and continues to flourish in the industry.

Power Quality

Most industries have thousands of electrical drives in critical equipment. Their speed increases and decreases continuously. This creates disturbances, such as harmonics, reactive power, voltage variations, and flicker. These disturbances cause a variety of problems such as overheating transformers, shorter equipment life, production failure/downtime and non-compliance.

Transients, spikes and surges are the most destructive, costly and common power quality issues globally. Transients cause equipment and plant shutdown for extended periods of time, resulting disruptions in processes, delays in deliveries and loss of credibility to clientele. Often, repair costs are minimal compared to the cost of lost profits or deferred production. Equipment downtime prevents delivery of products and services that customers demand.

With years of experience in power quality products, ADM Engineering Ltd. is the power quality expert. We provide active and passive Harmonic Mitigating Solutions as well as Surge Protection Devices to reduce and eliminate Power Quality issues. Our qualified technicians and engineers offer on-site measurements, provide detailed data analysis, prepare extensive reports, and present solutions that are both reliable and cost effective.