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ADM Engineering Ltd. offers start up, commissioning and repair services for all your HVAC, Water & Waste Water VFD's, Power Quality and associated products.

Preventive Maintenance Program

We provide qualified field service engineers to perform preventive maintenance inspection, calibration and testing services as necessary to the existing ABB VFD’s. We also provide infrared, thermal imaging, and reports as part of our Preventive Maintenance Program. This program is available based on annual or semi-annual site visits.

Power Quality Field Testing

We provide on-site Power Quality Testing including harmonics, voltage, current and power factor measurements.

We provide on-site harmonic measurements as well as a detailed report indicating voltage and current harmonics.

We provide harmonic analysis based on the computer modeling of the building’s electrical system detailing voltage and current harmonics as well as the recommendations to meet IEEE519.

Start Up and Commissioning

ADM is the Designated Service Station (DSS) for ABB VFD’s. Our service engineers are factory trained and certified to provide start up, commissioning and repair for the ABB VFD's.